Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's been a long time...

WHELP! It's been forever since I last updated.'s my birthday kesesesese~ I'm pretty darn excited!

Ehehe, I have NO idea as to what to talk about here so I'll give you a sneak peek of a fanfiction that's about to be written. (since I'm in a pretty good mood.)


"Ohohohoho~ Merry christmas!" You grinned as Finnian or known as Finny held up a wreath full of decorations.

"Finny, christmas isn't until next week." He nodded as began to hum 'Santa claus is coming to town'. You giggled and placed the mistletoe above the doorway. That was when you sutmbled on the ladder and fell down.

"Ah!" You screamed out, until some man wearing a white tailcoat suit, rescued you from your impending doom.

You shut your eyes and waited for impact but found yourself carried bridal style and pressed against someones chest.

You looked up at your saviour and saw grey silver eyes glinting mischeviously at you.


Well that's all I got, I got more though....

But anyways...


Friday, October 26, 2012

Bionicle Fanfic and picture included :D

Title: Meeting for the first time

Pairings: Reader/ Toa Metru

Prompt: “Meeting, Toa”

Characters: Matau, Onewa, Vakama, Nokama, Whenua, Nuju, Reader/You, Lhikan (spirit)

A/N: Errrr… This is when you and the Toa Metru meet in the Great Temple


“So this is the Great Temple Suva…” You awed at the stunning sight of the Suva, right in the middle of the Great Temple.

You heard footsteps coming from your right and left. Turning around, you sighed when it was just two Matoran, one red and one green.

You smiled at them but they didn’t notice you, so you decided to hide in the corner.
The red one then spoke to himself. “Oh…the Toa Suva.” You snickered as you saw the green one walking backwards as well as the red one.

“Ah!” You giggled at their reactions. “Fire-spitter, did you wrong-turn*?” You sighed as the green one asked the ‘Fire-spitter’. “You tell me.” You tried to conceal your giggles, the green Matoran just got burned!

Suddenly you noticed a white Matoran coming in from the side. You hid yourself in the wall, you didn’t know a lot of Matoran since you were shy yourself… the white one suddenly spoke up, “it appears that we’re not alone…”

You wanted to smack yourself in front of Mata Nui, no duh!
A black Matoran then walked in from the right. You gasped as you heard a rumble. “Well, Toa Lhikan summoned me.” You noticed a blue Matoran walking down the set of stairs. “Me, too.” A brown one said.

You were the only one left but you didn’t dare show yourself. Suddenly, the blue one took charge. “It appears we have all received these curious stones, all similar, yet each unique.” The green one butted in. “Like us. All Matoran. Some just more handsome-looking than the rest.”
Then it was the black Matoran’s turn. “Whose ever heard of a Matoran getting summoned to the great temple like this?” You giggled a little too loudly and others heard you. “Whose there?” The red one questioned.

You sighed and gave yourself up. “It’s just me…” You made your presence known and the others sighed in relief all except for one. “You a guy or a girl?” the green one questioned.

You twitched in annoyance. “Well? What do you think I am, you Le-Matoran!?” The red one facepalmed. “Mata Nui…”

The red one then began to speak. “I’m Vakama, the green one is Matau.” The blue one then introduced herself*. “My name is Nokama.” The black, brown and white ones introduced themselves as Whenua, Onewa and Nuju respectively.
You grinned at them. “My name is [Name], it’s nice to meet you all.” Then your face turned into a more serious look. “I was summoned here by Toa Lhikan. Now as to what to do…”

You nudged Nokama on the shoulder and pointed towards the Suva. “It seems we have to insert the stones into the hole.” She nodded and began following you from behind.

You both reached your respective spots. Hers was shining a light blue and yours was a bright yellow. The others followed and went to their colour coded areas.

You all placed your stones in and a figure starting appearing in the middle of the Suva. “Toa Lhikan!” You gasped.

You stared as the spirit started speaking. “Faithful Matoran, Metru Nui needs you. A shadow threatens its heart. Proves yourselves worthy, Toa. And fear not. The Great Spirit shall guide you in ways you could not imagine.”

The Suva started rumbling and rising as seven sparks shot out from Lhikan and the sparks shot right towards the Matoran and you. You felt power surge throughout your body as you grew into a Toa.

You scanned your surroundings and look towards your side. There you found a spear with a button on it. Out of curiosity, you pressed the button and it transformed into shield. You gasped at the shiny metal weapon and grinned.

Onewa suddenly questioned himself. “Am I a Toa?” Matau grabbed his katana and raised it up. “If we appear to be Toa heroes, then we are Toa heroes!” Everyone looked at their weapons and turned to you.

You raised your weapon and showed them. Matau whistled and stared at you. You raised your eyebrows. “You checking me out Matau?” You could hear snickers and giggles in the background as he turned away, his face red.

Well know you know, you’re gonna have great fun with these guys!
Er...Sorry to the people who doesn't understand...
Just search it up on,, it gives you everything.
Art has been done by me and fanfiction is done by me, I will post this story on my Lunaescence account Amenomessage soon! :D Also check out my DA account, Amenomessage. Don't forget to comment and review :D It would be greatly appreciated!

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I feel like I have ruined the picture of Taiwan by making her hair too big... But anyways this is dedicated to Sammyhearts7485.

Hetalia fanfiction

This is for anonymous 1.

The world meeting. You sighed as you rosed from your comfortable bed and headed towards the bathroom door. You were in charge of todays meeting and you sure bet as heck there would be chaos. You stumbled towards the sink as you tried to reach for your toothbrush. You began to brush your teeth with a pea sized amount of mint flavoured toothpaste. After brushing, you slowly began to rinse your mouth with water.

You changed into your national outfit and made your way to the door. Walking down the corridor, you bumped into Italy. "Ve~! Good morning ___-chan~." You smiled and waved at him. "Do you want to come with me to the meeting room?" Italy nodded innocently and began following you.

You noticed a big, oak door on the right and slowly grabbed the handle. You pushed the handle door and walked into the meeting room. Chatters were immediatly silenced by your entrance.

Germany stood up. "Welcome ____-san, please start our meeting immediatly." You nodded and tok out sheets of paper from your folder.

Clearing your throat you spoke. " As we all know, the issue of global warming is raising. Does any have any ideas on how to prevent this? 8 minutes of speech only please and America... no heroes or giant robots." America pouted and placed his hand down.

You looked around the room and saw Japan raising his hand. "Yes Japan?" Japan nodded and began to speak in a soft voice. "Um.. I think we should change the amount of Carbon dioxide we give out from most of our factories every day."

You put your finger underneath your chin and wrote the idea down. "Next."

                                                              "Nuff' said"

To be continued in part 2!

Note: I will write all part ones before the part twos kk ;)!

  Awesome artwork! Featuring the Nordics, England and his colony and Russia in the middle. Picture founded on

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Ouchie... It hurts :'( and some news... I guess...

Oh my gosh, I accidentally punched the wall...(note: Dear readers, never do that unless if you want to have bruised knuckles or your a masochist...)

It hurts soo much, but when life throws accidents in your way... bite back! So, I was stupid enough to kick the damn wall and make a small crack in it... Fate can be a bitch sometimes...

Anyways, I'm auditioning for tour choir tomorrow and I'm the first one on the list! So scared and nervous...

If anyone here is fine with me writing fanfiction, then yeah. Drop a comment below about what anime and genre. Oc's or none. Reader-insert or not. Up to you guys.

But sometimes I might make so alternate changes...(note: Sometimes! It happens very rarely...)

Lemme tell ya guys a story...

Once upon a time, a young, naive girl decided to do her homework. Her brother, a very annoying one, decided to piss her off in every way possible. The girl decided to attack back but since her eyes were crossed-eyed at that time, she aimed for the wrong double and punched the wall.

The End

P.S The brother ran off screaming in victory, doing skips.


                                                                   'Nuff said'

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It's... Hong Kong duh...

Sorry about the text alignment. But moving on, this is dedicated to my friend sammyhearts7485. It didn't take me long though just 25 minutes...
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The anime... called "K"

This anime is just... I can't describe but it's awesome I tell you! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
*Warning: There might be random screams of fangirling below, if you don't mind read on... if you do... wait for my next one! :D And also there are a few japanese words, if you understand them fine... if you don't there are translations underneath...
Thank you for your cooperation.
The kawaii, shotacon, boy with white hair is called Isana Yashiro and he just DAMN adorable~!
This boy is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.
Moving on...
The person with the sword is the ever cool... er, forgot his name but he never did introduce himself in the first episode and he's voiced by Daisuke Ono. ( Who voices Sebastian Michaelis)
Erm, The rest is just blank... They didn't appear in the first episode but I'll update more on the way!
...Nuff' said...