Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ouchie... It hurts :'( and some news... I guess...

Oh my gosh, I accidentally punched the wall...(note: Dear readers, never do that unless if you want to have bruised knuckles or your a masochist...)

It hurts soo much, but when life throws accidents in your way... bite back! So, I was stupid enough to kick the damn wall and make a small crack in it... Fate can be a bitch sometimes...

Anyways, I'm auditioning for tour choir tomorrow and I'm the first one on the list! So scared and nervous...

If anyone here is fine with me writing fanfiction, then yeah. Drop a comment below about what anime and genre. Oc's or none. Reader-insert or not. Up to you guys.

But sometimes I might make so alternate changes...(note: Sometimes! It happens very rarely...)

Lemme tell ya guys a story...

Once upon a time, a young, naive girl decided to do her homework. Her brother, a very annoying one, decided to piss her off in every way possible. The girl decided to attack back but since her eyes were crossed-eyed at that time, she aimed for the wrong double and punched the wall.

The End

P.S The brother ran off screaming in victory, doing skips.


                                                                   'Nuff said'


  1. Um... is it ok if I request? um... Hetalia, no Oc , reader-insert please...! Thank you!

  2. hetalia! FTW! school, general. No OC! reader-insert! thx! btw hope ur knuckles get better! :p!

  3. Hi Nii-chan! It's Taiwan~ :) Hope your knuckles get better!