Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hetalia fanfiction

This is for anonymous 1.

The world meeting. You sighed as you rosed from your comfortable bed and headed towards the bathroom door. You were in charge of todays meeting and you sure bet as heck there would be chaos. You stumbled towards the sink as you tried to reach for your toothbrush. You began to brush your teeth with a pea sized amount of mint flavoured toothpaste. After brushing, you slowly began to rinse your mouth with water.

You changed into your national outfit and made your way to the door. Walking down the corridor, you bumped into Italy. "Ve~! Good morning ___-chan~." You smiled and waved at him. "Do you want to come with me to the meeting room?" Italy nodded innocently and began following you.

You noticed a big, oak door on the right and slowly grabbed the handle. You pushed the handle door and walked into the meeting room. Chatters were immediatly silenced by your entrance.

Germany stood up. "Welcome ____-san, please start our meeting immediatly." You nodded and tok out sheets of paper from your folder.

Clearing your throat you spoke. " As we all know, the issue of global warming is raising. Does any have any ideas on how to prevent this? 8 minutes of speech only please and America... no heroes or giant robots." America pouted and placed his hand down.

You looked around the room and saw Japan raising his hand. "Yes Japan?" Japan nodded and began to speak in a soft voice. "Um.. I think we should change the amount of Carbon dioxide we give out from most of our factories every day."

You put your finger underneath your chin and wrote the idea down. "Next."

                                                              "Nuff' said"

To be continued in part 2!

Note: I will write all part ones before the part twos kk ;)!

  Awesome artwork! Featuring the Nordics, England and his colony and Russia in the middle. Picture founded on

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  1. HAHA! Epic fanfic Xin Yi! So looking forward to part 2 of this! (By the way, I'm an active reader now! :))